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I love living and sharing.

About my stories, and drawings. Free of politics.

These stories have brought me great happiness and joy. I wish to share them with you. 

Truly Yours: 

Ingrid Szabo

Once in a lifetime stories.

Short Real Life Stories, Artwork & Pictures. By Ingrid Szabo

Politics free fun and easy reading.

All true real life stories, with my drawings, and cartoons. Politics free.

e-mail: humorandfunnybones2017@gmail.com

I also love proverbs. I have a few of them in my book. 

Here are two quotations that I love. (not in the book..)

"Nothing is so false in life as our own prejudgments." 

and "Don't knock it till you beat it"

About Us

The most beautiful sunset with Sienna on my side.

I'm teaching my daughter important things to know out on the nature trail.


I screamed at the owl with all my human might and he dropped my bird.